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  • Computer pattern machine

    Computer pattern machine

    Computerized prototype is a very useful product in industrial sewing equipment, which is mainly used in factories for large quantities of ta

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  • Computerized sewing machine

    Computerized sewing machine

    It is a more important set of automation equipment under the trend of the development of sewing equipment in the direction of multi-function

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  • Sewing equipment

    Sewing equipment

    Compared with special sewing machines that can only be used in the clothing industry, it has great advantages. It can be applied to various

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  • Pattern sewing machine

    Pattern sewing machine

    There is a running-in period during use. It is not the best time to use a newly-purchased machine. Generally, after a running-in period of o

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  • Computer bag opening machine

    Computer bag opening machine

    The general principle is to use the precise control performance of the stepping motor to control the length of the seam and the action of th

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  • Laser bag opening machine

    Laser bag opening machine

    Because workers need to mark the position of the bag first when opening the bag manually, an additional process will affect the production e

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  • Garment bag opening machine

    Garment bag opening machine

    It is a more complicated mechatronics sewing machine developed on the basis of general sewing machines. It is also called automatic bag open

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  • Automated sewing equipment

    Automated sewing equipment

    Applied in the production of garment factories and other sewing enterprises, it can solve the current employment problems such as high recru

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  • Computer tape cutting machine

    Computer tape cutting machine

    Tape cutting machine, hot and cold dual computer tape cutting machine, Velcro cutting machine, automatic tape cutting machine, webbing cutti

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  • Electronic button nailing machine

    Electronic button nailing machine

    Big white button machine, computer button sewing machine, servo button sewing machine, button machine, big white button, KN mask punching, K

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  • Industrial sewing machine

    Industrial sewing machine

    Industrial sewing equipment is an automatic sewing machine used in industrial production. They are all CNC-controlled electromechanical inte

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  • Special sewing machine

    Special sewing machine

    It is the abbreviation of the special service industry sewing machine. It is well known that the sewing machine is divided into household an

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