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Description of sewing thread tension problem of garment bag opening machine

Description of sewing thread tension problem of garment bag opening machine

forGarment bag opening machineIn terms of sewing thread tension problems occur more frequently. Especially for novices, it is commonplace for the suture tension to be adjusted poorly. Although the thread tension problem will not cause serious failures and problems of the garment bag opening machine, it will still have a certain impact on the sewing effect and quality. Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand the reasons and solve them.


At present, the main reasons for the poor adjustment of the sewing thread tension of the garment bag opening machine are as follows:

One is the wrong upper thread threading. Based on years of experience, many novices ignore individual steps during the threading process, causing the stitches to not hang on the hooks in the hood or enter the card slots. At this time, when the garment bag opening machine has tension problems, first remove the lower thread, and then thread it again according to the correct steps in the manual.

The second is the improper setting of the noodle thread tension, usually in the 4th gear. Some garment bag opening machines need to be selected between 3~5 gears according to different fabrics. But from years of experience, under normal circumstances, users will not make a mistake here.

The third is that the needle, thread and fabric do not match. Generally speaking, use thin needles when sewing light fabrics with a garment bag opener, and thick needles when sewing hard and thick fabrics. Don't change the needle because of laziness. When sewing thick materials with thin needles in this way, the needles will break, and the flying needles are very dangerous.

Fourth, the bottom thread position is incorrect, mainly including three situations: First, the lock core of the bottom thread of the clothing bag opener is placed in the wrong order, then you only need to reposition it in the correct order; second, the bottom thread is not well wound and the bottom thread is loose It will also cause problems such as twisting and chaotic stitches in the garment bag opening machine; third, when the bottom thread is placed, the thread is not pulled out from the correct position. At this time, the user should regularly clean the dust on the thread. In addition, for the cleaning of several screws on the needle board, the screws must be opened every time and cleaned with a small hand-held vacuum cleaner or brush.


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