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Trouble Analysis of Horizontal Thread Cutting Device of Garment Bag Opener

Trouble Analysis of Horizontal Thread Cutting Device of Garment Bag Opener

Garment bag opening machineThe horizontal thread trimming device is mainly composed of electromagnet, thread and bottom thread pressing rod, drive and thread trimming cam, moving and fixed knife and thread dividing plate. Its working principle is that after parking, step on the pedal in reverse, the thread trimming electromagnet gets an electric signal to pull in, drive the wire rope on the thread trimming crank connecting rod and the bottom thread pressure rod, and push the starting ball on the thread trimming transmission frame into the thread trimming. In the cam groove. With the rotation of the lower shaft, the trimming cam moves with the trimming transmission frame, and cuts after the moving knife separates the thread. Generally speaking, the horizontal thread cutting device of the garment bag opener has a stable structure. There are separate adjustment chutes before and after the moving and fixed knife positions, and the bottom thread pressure bar position. The adjustment is very convenient, but it is easier to use the thread cutting process. The following failures:


One is that the horizontal thread cutting device of the garment bag opening machine has no thread cutting action. At this time, we only need to check the working status of the machine's pedal circuit board, main control board, electromagnet and other components, and take corresponding maintenance measures. Second, after thread trimming, the thread end is short or the length of the thread end is unstable. The maintenance method is as follows: firstly loosen the first thread clamping device, increase the loose amount of the second thread clamping device or adjust the loose wire rope; secondly, check the wire dividing plate and moving knife dividing wire. It should be noted here that most of the time, the short thread or the unstable length of the thread after the garment opening machine is caused by the error of the moving knife. Especially when the needle bar is lowered, the thread end is short or unstable after cutting. In this case, just adjust the position of the moving knife to the back. This is because with the decrease of the needle bar, the thread hooking and threading of the rotary shuttle is later than the tangential cam on the same lower shaft, and the moving knife starts relatively earlier. When the hook does not drop or is not completely offline, the thread separation begins, resulting in short thread ends or unstable thread ends after thread trimming. Check again the phase of the trimming cam of the garment bag opener. Generally speaking, the basic phase of the thread trimming cam is that the thread take-up lever starts to take up the thread at a lower point and the moving knife starts to start.