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How to wear the stitches of the clothing bag opener

How to wear the stitches of the clothing bag opener

As we all know, wearingGarment bag opening machineBefore sewing, the user needs to choose a suitable sewing thread. When we choose a sewing thread, we must first consider the sewing ability, strength and uniformity of the sewing thread to ensure the firmness and quality of the sewing. At present, the upper thread used by the bag opener is left-handed thread with moderate twist, while the bottom thread can use left-handed thread and right-handed thread. And how to distinguish the thread rotation direction of the sewing thread of the garment bag opener? We need to hold the suture with both hands and turn the suture in the direction of the arrow with the right hand. If the thread strands are twisted tighter, it means left-handed thread, otherwise, it is right-handed thread.


When we have selected the sewing thread of the garment bag opener, we need to thread it. First set the threading handle at a higher position, and then lead the thread end from the spool, and thread the thread in a certain order. In addition, when threading the bottom thread, first pinch the top thread head, turn the driving wheel to move the outer rod downward, then raise the top position, and then pull the clamped thread head upwards, and the bottom thread will be pulled up. Then put the bottom thread and the upper thread in front of the presser foot of the garment bag opening machine.

At present, the winding method of the bottom thread of the garment bag opening machine mainly includes the following steps: one is to insert the bobbin into the winding shaft, and the sewing thread is wound on the bobbin a few times; the other is to press down the full-thread spring board to make the winding wheel Contact with the belt; the third is to adjust the winding volume adjustment screw to make the winding volume around 80%. Turn the adjusting screw to the right to increase the winding amount, otherwise the winding amount will decrease; fourth, when the bottom thread winding of the garment bag opener has deviations, the threading rack should be moved left and right to correct the winding state; At the end of winding, the full-thread jumper is released, the winding wheel automatically stops rotating, and the bobbin is taken out.