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How to solve the thread trimming problem of sewing equipment

How to solve the thread trimming problem of sewing equipment

Using computerSewing equipmentWhen sewing nylon zippers, it often happens that the thread ends become shorter after the thread is trimmed, so that the thread ends will come out of the needle hole during the next sewing, which affects the sewing quality of the machine and reduces work efficiency. So, how should users solve this problem? Because the nylon zipper is relatively hard and the needle length is 16mm, the adjustment of sewing equipment such as sewing equipment should follow a simple to complex procedure.


Since the needles continuously retracted will hit the nylon, the nylon zipper may be significantly higher than the base fabric, so you should consider adjusting the gap between the needle and the needle of the sewing machine. Since the presser foot may not be able to press the base fabric, the needle should be adjusted 1mm below the standard position. The hook will hang up a little later to facilitate the formation of a loop. When the rotating hook reaches the center of the needle, the tip of the rotating hook is 1mm higher than the needle hole.

Adjust the feeding time of the feeding teeth of the sewing equipment to a more suitable position that matches the feeding needle to complete the feeding action and prevent needle breakage. The sewing thread should be smooth with proper twist. The simple test method is to pull the thread after correct threading to see if the groove is smooth. If the thread groove is not smooth, it will easily cause the phenomenon of long and short threads after the sewing equipment is trimmed.

After cutting the thread,Adjust the thread length adjustment nut as far as possible to relax, Check whether the bobbin of the sewing machine is about 36mm out of the bobbin case. In addition, the shorter bottom thread will cause the thread to fall off during sewing. When adjusting,Adjust the thread cutting time later, From the direction of the handwheel hook, the first marking point is red, indicating the standard thread trimming time of the sewing machine; the second quarter point is blue; the stop marking point is white.

Adjust the thread trimming time so that the cutting point of the sewing machine head of the sewing machine is aligned with the blue color, loosen the screw of the thread trimming cam, and gently move the cam hook in the opposite direction. When the blue cutting point is aligned with the cutting point of the machine head, the sewing thread is cut by moving the knife. It should be noted that the thread trimming time cannot exceed the blue marking point, otherwise the knife may get stuck or stop in place. After the above adjustment, the sewing machine will operate normally and stably when restarted.