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Regarding the adjustment of the sewing machine for the computerized sewing machine

Regarding the adjustment of the sewing machine for the computerized sewing machine

In the processing of down jackets, we often encounterComputerized sewing machineWhen sewing the inner liner of the down jacket, there is a situation of eating face cloth. This problem will not only affect the sewing effect and quality, but also affect the processing quality of down jackets, thereby affecting the economic benefits of garment factories. So, how to solve the problem of computer sewing machine eating dough? Based on years of work experience, we can use the following adjustment methods to solve the problem.


One is to replace the nylon presser foot, which can solve the problem of eating dough in the computerized sewing machine. Because the nylon presser foot is replaced, the purpose is to reduce the resistance of the upper cloth and increase the friction of the cloth feeding, so that the friction of the face cloth and the inner liner cloth is basically the same, thereby solving the problem of eating face cloth. The second is to adjust the feed dog of the computerized sewing machine, try to adjust it to the level, or adjust it to a slightly high front and low back state, but never adjust it to low front and high back.

In addition, after analysis, eating flour cloth is actually a potential displacement of the computerized sewing machine during the sewing process. When using ordinary feed dogs to feed the cloth, the inner layer of cloth will directly contact the feed dogs during the sewing process. Therefore, the friction between the feeding teeth and the inner cloth is reliable. The upper cloth is in contact with the inner cloth. During the feeding process of the cloth feeding teeth, the friction force of the cloth indirectly moving forward through the lining cloth is less than the friction force of the cloth feeding teeth on the lining cloth. Therefore, when sewing two layers of cloth with a single-tooth computerized stitch sewing machine, the upper cloth always grows out, and the greater the material difference between the two layers of cloth, the more it grows. It should be noted that the liner cloth is generally thinner and slippery, and the friction force is different, which causes the effective distance of the two to move forward. And we want to completely solve this problem, the better way is to replace the computerized sewing machine.