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Evaluation of the performance of several garment bag opening machines

Evaluation of the performance of several garment bag opening machines

With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for garment sewing technology,Garment bag opening machineIt is playing an increasingly important role in garment processing. Due to rising processing costs, the clothing industry in coastal areas is shifting to the inland. At present, the bag opening machines used by garment factories in the mainland are generally very backward. Most of them were made in Japan 10-15 years ago, and their functions are very primitive. Some can only sew two threads in the middle, without a middle knife or corner knife, and the price is more than 70,000 yuan. Therefore, a considerable number of domestic apparel companies need more cost-effective clothing bag opening machines.


To this end, we simply made a performance evaluation of the clothing bag opening machines of Dukepp Aihua, Brothers, and Standard, as follows:

Dukepp Aihua clothing bag opening machine. The program controls the intermittent feeding of medium and thick materials or the continuous feeding of thin materials and elastic cloth; the new frame is ergonomically designed and can be adjusted at any time to make it at a better working height; precise control of the stitching or rear stitching; electric eye Automatic scanning of the bag cover, 5 standard laser spotlights, make the cloth positioning accurate and fast. In addition, the garment bag opening machine can quickly replace the double insertion or single insertion device.

Brother fully automatic flat-stitch garment bag opening machine. The fixed seam is sewn with a pendulum needle to prevent misalignment of the body, welt and cover; this needle feeding method can prevent the fabric from folding and contracting; the super large LCD panel has a guiding function and is convenient to use; the sewing standard is clear at a glance, three colors The indicator light improves the operating efficiency of the garment bag opening machine; the open panel makes it easy to thread. Equipped with unilateral and bilateral automatic switching devices, and can easily change the stitch length.

Standard automatic garment bag opening machine, it is an ordinary automatic bag opening device, which can not only sew all kinds of ordinary side bags at high speed, such as straight, diagonal, with and without flaps, but also can sew zippers to pockets in. In addition, the clamping plate and all trimming systems of this garment bag opener have their own drivers. The stepping motor automatically controls the transmission of the clamping plate and the cutting knife, and the center knife is driven by a motor.