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How to maintain the oil pump of a computerized sewing machine

How to maintain the oil pump of a computerized sewing machine

Computerized sewing machineThe oil pump is a device that directly drives the pump oil by the gear on the main shaft, and the gear is easy to wear. Especially the gears on the oil pump, once worn, the oil pump will not rotate and the oil will not pump up, so the gears will be seized due to oil cut. In addition, the oil pump of the computerized sewing machine works in a completely enclosed environment, and the oil will be adsorbed on the oil net at the bottom of the oil pump. If the oil net is not cleaned for a long time, it will block the oil net and affect the oil flow. Under normal circumstances, the oil pan of the sewing machine should be taken out in about half a year to remove the dirt on the oil net. If the oil net is damaged, it needs to be replaced. In addition, open the top cover and observe whether the gears on the main shaft and oil pump are worn. Please note that no matter which gear is worn, a pair of gears must be replaced together, not individually, otherwiseComputerized sewing machineWill not work.


So, how to maintain the computerized sewing machine? First, loosen the four screws at the bottom of the oil pan, and then gently remove the oil pan to view the oil pump components and check the oil net for dirt and damage. If there is dirt, clean it up in time and replace it. Secondly, check the gear wear on the oil pump. As long as the screws on the oil pump are removed, the entire oil pump can be removed and the wear of the gears can be seen. When replacing, just remove the two screws on the gear, and then remove the gear from the oil pump column. When installing the new gear, align one of the screws with the plane on the oil column. Third, it is much easier to replace the gear on the main shaft of the computerized sewing machine. As long as the upper cover of the overlock sewing machine is removed, the gear that drives the main shaft oil pump can be seen. The parts seen can be disassembled one by one until the gear is removed and the damaged gear can be taken out of the main shaft. When installing, install the main shaft gear first, and then install the oil pump. When the two gears mesh with each other, the effect is good, and the rotation is no noise, light and smooth.