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Precautions for assembly of computerized sewing machine

Precautions for assembly of computerized sewing machine

As we all know, forComputerized sewing machineIn terms of the production process, it is necessary to assemble various parts to form a sewing machine product. In addition, in the later use process, it is inevitable that various faults and problems will occur. When a major problem occurs, its parts need to be removed. Therefore, the computerized sewing machine must be assembled after overhaul. Each assembly of the sewing machine will have a great impact on its own performance. Poor assembly quality will result in lower precision, poor performance, high noise, high torque, and short service life of the sewing machine. On the contrary, some parts with lower precision can still be used for performance after careful selection, assembly and precise adjustment. Better computerized sewing machine equipment for assembly.


In fact, in the assembly process of the computerized sewing machine, some links are easily overlooked, or a little carelessness will have a significant impact on the assembly quality. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the following aspects: Keep the parts clean. Careful cleaning and cleaning to ensure the cleanness of the parts of the computerized sewing machine is the basis for ensuring the assembly quality and prolonging the service life of the sewing machine. Especially shaft sleeves, bearings, oil pumps and parts with rotating and swinging fittings should be cleaned carefully. If the bearing parts are not cleaned during assembly, the sleeve temperature will be too high and the transmission torque will be too large. In severe cases, the fragments will accelerate wear and cause serious failures such as seizures; on the other hand, strictly follow the procedures. All computer sewing machine parts that have undergone surface treatment such as baking varnish and electroplating have a glue layer on the assembly joint surface, including holes, grooves, planes, and screw holes. Therefore, before assembling, these parts must be pre-processed according to the process requirements before they can be assembled. If the assembly does not meet the specified technical requirements, the computerized sewing machine will not work properly. In addition, incorrect positions of parts and mechanisms will also affect the performance of the sewing machine.