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How to solve the problem of insufficient oil supply for the hook of the computerized sewing machine

How to solve the problem of insufficient oil supply for the hook of the computerized sewing machine

forComputerized sewing machineIn terms of rotary hook is one of its important components. In the sewing process of the sewing machine, it not only determines the performance and life of the machine, but the sewing effect and quality of the machine also depend on the quality and working state of the hook. Therefore, the designer of the computerized sewing machine specially designed an oil supply system for it to avoid frequent wear and tear during use.


For the brand-new computerized sewing machine, it is very simple for the user to adjust the oil volume of the rotary hook during use. The oil volume can be adjusted as much as the oil volume. However, for a computerized sewing machine that has been used for 3 to 4 years, the oil supply system of the machine hook is not so obedient, and the problem of insufficient oil supply often occurs. Even if the user adjusts the oil volume adjustment screw to a larger value, there will not be much oil volume. If things go on like this, the rotary hook of the computerized sewing machine will often experience problems such as heat generation, wear, needle breakage, and stitch skipping. These faults are easy to mislead maintenance personnel. The reason is generally not the size of the oil supply, nor the oil pump, but the hook itself. Therefore, the following measures can be taken:

First, take out the rotary hook of the computerized sewing machine, remove the 3 tongue screws, and take out the shuttle bowl. It is not difficult to find a rectangular hole in the sliding groove of the shuttle, and there is also a small linoleum in the hole. But at this time, the linoleum has become black, hardened or zoomed, causing blockage and loss of function. This is caused by the long-term use of dirty oil and the waste generated by the natural wear inside the rotating shuttle. Second, if you want the oil blanket to work again, you must clean it up. But it is not so easy to clean up. A quicker and more effective method is to use a decontamination gun to remove the garbage in the hole until the white linoleum is exposed. Secondly, install the three tongue depressors, the inner shuttle tongue and the shuttle bowl, and then reinstall the computerized sewing machine, reposition it and reset the oil level. good results. In addition, while performing the above maintenance, check the screws of the lower shaft oil filter plug. If the oil filter plug is clogged with dirty material, the amount of oil on the lower shaft will not be adjusted. The solution can also be sprayed with a decontamination spray gun.