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What are the functions of the computer pattern machine

What are the functions of the computer pattern machine

Computer pattern machineIn the process of use, it is often used for repeated embroidery, or for repeated embroidery in certain areas. Generally speaking, it can be used 9 times horizontally and vertically, so it can be repeated 81 times in total. Normally, before the computer pattern machine is used, the relevant operator needs to set up all the machine's programs in advance, input the designed pattern into the machine, and then set the embroidery position of the pattern machine, and the rest is operated by the relevant staff.


The computer pattern machine has LCD display function. The liquid crystal displays of such machines are generally high-resolution. When embroidering, the status of the sample pattern can be displayed on the display at any time, and the Chinese and English interface can be switched according to the actual situation. The operation is very simple. The computer pattern machine is equipped with a computer system that can store various patterns and has a large capacity, which can effectively improve processing efficiency.

In the manufacturing process of the computer pattern machine, set the pattern rotation and zoom function. The pattern can be rotated at any angle or reversed left and right. In addition, the pattern is reduced by one time, and of course it can be enlarged by two times. The specific range depends on the actual parameter settings of the computer pattern machine, you can choose to rotate first and then zoom, orfirstRotate after scalingTo meet more embroidery needs. The patterns stored in the computer system can be edited, and a variety of different patterns can be combined into a new pattern in different forms, which is very flexible and convenient to use.

Although the computer pattern machine has the above-mentioned functions, if the operator performs improper operation during the setting process, it is very likely that the pattern machine will have some problems more or less. Sometimes, just some small problems can be solved by yourself, which greatly reduces the waiting time for maintenance personnel to come to the door. Sometimes it may be a big problem, you need to ask professional maintenance personnel. Therefore, when operating the computer pattern machine, the staff must strictly follow the operating procedures in order to give full play to the functions of the machine.