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Precautions for rust removal of computer pattern machine

Precautions for rust removal of computer pattern machine

whenComputer pattern machineWhen rust spots and mildew spots are produced during use, we need to clean them up in time. There are usually two cleaning methods: one is mechanical cleaning, that is, cleaning with shovel, scraper, brush, etc.; the other is chemical cleaning, that is, cleaning with various chemical decontamination solvents. Which cleaning method to use depends on the different conditions of different parts of the computer pattern machine.


Attention should be paid to the rust removal and cleaning of the steel parts of the computer pattern machine. For the low precision or difficult to use mechanical methods to clean the steel parts, chemical methods can be used to remove rust. For example, if the parts to be disassembled are immersed in phosphoric acid with a concentration of 2% to 25%, try to heat them to 40°C to 80°C during soaking. After the rust is removed, a protective film is formed on the surface, and then the parts are taken out, soaked in a phosphoric acid solution of 0.5% to 2% concentration for about 1 hour, and then taken out to dry. However, if this chemical method is used to remove rust in the factory, if the operation is not performed properly, it will damage the parts, especially the precision parts. Therefore, in the maintenance of the computer pattern machine, chemical methods should not be used to remove rust, but mechanical methods should be used, that is, use a shovel, chisel, scraper, etc. to remove the rust layer on the part, and then polish it with sandpaper, and then apply it. The protective layer.

For computer pattern machine parts made of non-ferrous metals and their alloy materials, the rust removal method can refer to the rust removal method of steel parts. However, there are two points to pay attention to in the process of rust removal: one is to prepare and use different chemical rust removers according to the chemical characteristics of the computer pattern machine parts; the other is to eliminate the corrosion of parts composed of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. It is generally better to use mechanical rust removal methods.