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How to quickly find the fault of industrial sewing machine

How to quickly find the fault of industrial sewing machine

For textile processing factories such as luggage, clothing, shoes and hats, as long asIndustrial sewing machineWhen failures and problems occur, it is hoped that the cause of the failure can be found quickly, because only in this way can losses be reduced to a greater extent. And professional maintenance technicians want to quickly find the cause of the failure of industrial sewing machines, not only need rich practical experience and correct guiding ideology, but also need extensive knowledge and clear and flexible mind. The following briefly introduces several basic methods, which can be used comprehensively to find out the cause of the failure.


One is to listen to the sound search method. First, remember the normal sounds of industrial sewing machines, such as the level of the sound, the rhythm, and the running sound of each part of the machine. Then listen to the sound of the machine running and compare it with the normal sound to determine the location of the fault. Such as the piercing sound of the needle, the impact sound of the collision of parts, the squeaking sound of oil-free operation, the cloth between the needle bar cover and the needle bar similar to the sound of striking cast iron, the strong impact sound caused by poor braking, etc. Secondly, according to the distance from the sound source of the industrial sewing machine, determine the position of the sound, that is, the closer the distance, the louder the sound; the farther the distance, the lower the sound.

The second is the feel search method. Under normal circumstances, the approximate location of some faults in industrial sewing machines can be determined based on the feel of the hand. If you feel the temperature with your hands, you can find hot parts; feel the surface roughness with your hands, you can find the burrs of the hook and thread parts; feel the friction resistance with your hands, you can find the non-smooth rotating shuttle; The sense of swaying momentum can roughly determine the parts with poor fit accuracy of industrial sewing machines; through the feeling of hand torque, you can find parts with smooth conductivity and abnormal fit gaps.

The third is the visual search method. As the name suggests, it is to look at the actual situation of the industrial sewing machine failure with your eyes, initially determine the location of the failure, and then carefully observe the status and operation of the relevant components to determine the location of the failure. In addition, maintenance technicians will also use comparative analysis search method, refer to typical example search method, repair information guidance search method, and use parts diagram search method when searching for industrial sewing machine faults.