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Why do computer sewing machines often break

Why do computer sewing machines often break

In recent years, more and more users have reported thatComputerized sewing machineIn the sewing process, thread breakage often occurs, which affects work efficiency. In this regard, the professionals of Dongguan Huaxin Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd., based on years of work experience and understanding of machine structure and principle, summarized the reasons for the broken thread of the computerized sewing machine, and gave the following Specific solutions:


First of all, there may be a problem with the sewing thread used by the computerized sewing machine, which mainly includes two aspects: on the one hand, the quality of the sewing thread is not good. Under normal circumstances, we need 40 special sewing threads for industrial threads for sewing. Therefore, if users buy and use some low-quality sewing threads, they will often encounter thread breakage problems. At this time, we only need to change a dedicated line. On the other hand, when we sew thick fabrics, we still use thin threads. At this time, we should have the quality of sewing thread and how to choose it correctly. For example, the sewing thread of jeans is relatively thick, while the sewing thread of summer fabric and silk is relatively thin. If you sew thick cloth with thin threads, the computerized sewing machine will have thread breakage. In this case, please adjust the matching relationship between fabric and thread.

Secondly, it may be the needle problem of the computerized sewing machine, including the quality problems of the needle itself, such as the burr at the needle eye, the thread is easily broken at this time, and the broken place is around the needle. In this case, the needle of the sewing machine must be replaced; the needle is installed in the wrong direction, causing the sewing of the computerized sewing machine to break. So the solution is to install the needle correctly and tighten the screws as needed.

In addition, the broken thread of the computerized sewing machine may also be a problem with the internal parts of the machine. When we find that in addition to the surface thread break, the bottom thread will also break, we need to take out the bottom shuttle and adjust the top screw until it matches the tension of the upper thread, and there is no floating thread phenomenon after the trial sewing. In addition, for computerized sewing machines and new machines that have not been used for a long time, thread breakage may also occur. Because it is not used for a long time, some parts may rust and cause wire breakage. The new machine may have burrs on the thread passing parts, causing the thread to break. At this time, we can add engine oil so that all parts can rotate flexibly, just use fine sandpaper to polish.