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Introduction of several basic sewing methods for sewing equipment

Introduction of several basic sewing methods for sewing equipment

With the advancement of science and technology, clothing machinery and equipment are becoming more and more advanced. especiallySewing equipment, From the past, the pedal sewing machine is gradually replaced by high, medium and low speed electric lockstitch sewing machine and overlock sewing machine. Therefore, as a beginner who has never been in touch with modern garment processing and manufacturing, he should learn from the basic knowledge of sewing equipment to understand and master commonly used tools and sewing terms.


Sewing machine sewing equipment and its garment sewing technology is the work people through continuous improvement and accumulationThe crystallization of labor practice, it fully embodies the wisdom of the working people. Although the items and varieties sewn in different places are not necessarily the same, the sewing equipment used is basically the same, and the processing principles are basically the same. Although there are many cutting and sewing books that explain and summarize to varying degrees, but for beginners, it is still more complicated and cannot be learned at once. Therefore, the following briefly introduces the basic sewing of sewing equipment. law.

The basic sewing methods and terms of sewing equipment mainly include the following: one is flat sewing, whichYesThe foundation of the sewing machine overlaps with the front of the two layers of clothes and sews along the seam; the second is separate stitching, which separates the nails or irons of the seam head on the basis of the flat stitch; the third is the seat back stitch, which is also in the flat stitch On the basis of, the hair stitch is sewn with one side seat upside down; the fourth is to sew back and forth, first sew 0.3cm on the top, after trimming the hair tips, fold the hair tips to the front, and fold up the 0.7cm seam on the back; It is a lap seam, which overlaps two seams and sews in the middle. This sewing method of sewing equipment is more suitable for splicing collar lining and chest lining; six isConcealed overlock stitching, also called inner overlock stitching, means that the two layers are superimposed on the front, and the upper layer is wrapped by 0.6cm from the lower layer. After 0.5cm of the seam is sewn, it is turned over on the front, and 0.4cm is clearly sewn with a single-stop seam;Seventh is the overlock seam, commonly known as the outer seam, that is, the two layers are superimposed on the reverse side. The upper layer is wrapped by 0.8cm from the lower layer and 0.7cm is sewn. After the seam is turned over, the parcel seam is turned down, and the side edge is 0.1cm in the front, and the seam is clear .