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The performance of electromechanical integrated sewing equipment

The performance of electromechanical integrated sewing equipment

The first in the worldSewing equipmentIt is a sewing machine that sews boots and shoes by hand. Since then, various countries have invented and developed various types of sewing machines with functions such as crisis control. Today's mechatronics sewing equipment is hundreds of times more efficient than previous machines, and features more abundant functions and more convenient use. So, what are the performance of the current sewing machine?


The sewing stability of the electromechanical integrated sewing machine is better. Due to the electronic or computer control system, the sewing stability is better after reaching a larger speed. Especially the seamability, which mainly includes whether the stitches are good, stable, skipped, wrinkled, and broken, etc.; the sewing machine has clean and environmental performance. In the development process of the mechatronics sewing machine, the design The staff has always emphasized the cleanliness and pollution-free of the sewing machine. Through the design of the sewing machine head, no oil is used around the needle bar, thread take-up lever, and rotary hook to achieve clean sewing. Therefore, when choosing sewing equipment for sewing machines, users must repeatedly test to ensure that the machine does not bring oil stains to fabrics and sewing materials; expand the performance of a single machine, one mechatronics sewing machine can complete the work of multiple mechanical sewing machines task. In addition, the electromechanical integrated stitching sewing equipment greatly increases the adjustment range of the feeding teeth due to the computer control, can sew more types of fabrics, and can adjust the appropriate amount of difference according to different fabrics. Even if the stitch length is changed, the differential ratio will not change, so no adjustment is required.

In addition to the above points, the mechatronics sewing machine also has the characteristics of low noise and low vibration. It mainly uses computer anatomy, and optimizes design from the casing mechanism and various parts to suppress the noise in the daily work of the machine to a greater extent. In addition, the machine has a better balance in the design of the machine head. The synchronous toothed belt transmission adopted for the transmission of the upper and lower shafts greatly reduces noise and realizes low vibration and low noise work. In addition, the mechatronics sewing equipment has a high degree of automation, and the operation is labor-saving, and it can automatically complete the set sewing work.