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Explanation of the operating posture of the computerized sewing machine

Explanation of the operating posture of the computerized sewing machine

We all know that forComputerized sewing machineFor beginners, constant practice is required to operate the machine well and sew beautiful stitches. However, in this process, beginners first need to cultivate the correct operating posture, so as to make the sewing fabric pass rate higher, sewing speed faster, and at the same time can avoid sitting in front of the computer sewing machine for a long time. , Caused by the body fatigue problem.


The correct operating posture of the computerized sewing machine will be explained in three parts: body posture, leg posture and hand position. The correct posture of the body is to adjust the position of the seat first to ensure that after sitting down, both hands can operate the computerized sewing machine conveniently and flexibly. At the same time, the front foot can easily step on the pedal of the sewing machine. Secondly, during the operation, beginners should always keep their shoulders relaxed, and don't put the muscles in a tense state. In addition, the upper body should always be kept upright, and the distance between the chest and the computerized sewing machine should always be kept at a distance of about a fist.

The posture of the legs of computerized sewing machine beginners is mainly that the center of gravity is tilted slightly forward, the feet keep free movement, the heel is on the floor, and the front foot is in the middle of the sewing machine pedal. In addition, for the position of the hand, in general, the distance between the hand and the needle should be kept between 5~10cm. Be careful not to put your right hand on the line where the presser foot is located. In the sewing process with the computerized sewing machine, you need to gently press the cloth strip with your hand, and then slowly feed it forward. For some narrow cloth edges, if you can't press them with your hands, you need to use an awl instead.