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How to deal with the section line of computer pattern machine

How to deal with the section line of computer pattern machine

Computer pattern machineIt is one of the commonly used sewing equipment in garment factories. We all know that for any machine, including pattern machines, as long as it is used for a long time, various problems will inevitably occur, such as cross-section line problems. If the garment factory wants to eliminate all kinds of faults in time and maintain the computer pattern machine, it must be good at analyzing the causes of the faults and mastering the troubleshooting methods to ensure the pattern machine operates normally. So, how to deal with the cross-section line problem of the computer pattern machine?


First check whether the tension adjustment of the lower thread and the upper thread is appropriate. The sewing thread tension of the computer pattern machine generally needs to be changed according to the type of sewing material, the thickness of the sewing thread and other factors. It is very difficult to determine the sewing tension based on only one sewing material or sewing thread. In the actual use of the computer pattern machine, the tension of the sewing upper thread is usually adjusted according to the stitches sewn.

Secondly, check the fit of the needle and the suture. Among them, the choice of stitching must be in accordance with the requirements of the computer pattern machine instruction manual. For the inspection of the machine needle, the machine needle can be placed on the table, and the needle handle can be rolled with your fingers to check whether it is bent or deformed, whether the needle tip becomes hairy or blunt, and whether the needle hole has burrs. Observe whether the gap between the needle tip and the platen is large and small. If the gap is large and small, the needle has been bent and the needle needs to be replaced. Check the needle hole of the computer pattern machine for burrs. You can insert a suture and pull it back and forth several times to see if the suture will be cut or napped. If it does not meet the requirements, replace the needle.

When the computer pattern machine has a cross-thread problem, in addition to checking the sewing tension, needle and thread, you should also pay attention to the quality of the hook. Because the quality of the hook affects the sewing performance of the pattern machine to a certain extent, it is necessary to check the quality of the hook when the machine has a fault with the cross section. In addition, we also need to check the various wire passage components of the computer pattern machine for burrs or unevenness. If there is a problem, you can use fine sandpaper or abrasive paste for polishing. For parts that cannot be repaired, you need to replace them.