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Safe operation guide for computer pattern machine

Safe operation guide for computer pattern machine

Computer pattern machineAs a kind of high-precision sewing equipment, in order to avoid accidental injuries during the sewing process, relevant staff need to pay attention to some operation details. This can not only avoid work injuries, but also develop a good operating habit, to a certain extent, can also improve work efficiency. So, how to operate the computer pattern machine correctly? What should be paid attention to?


During the daily operation of the computer pattern machine, the operator needs to pay attention to the following points: First, for the beauties or handsome guys with long hair, when operating the pattern machine, the hair needs to be rolled up or tied up to avoid accidentally making the hair follow the fabric. Roll into the pattern machine; second, the operator of the computer pattern machine should not put sharp tools in their pockets to avoid accidental injury; third, the frequently used needles, screwdrivers and other tools should not be placed everywhere to avoid accidents When contacted, it will cause injury; fourth, non-professional computer pattern machine maintenance personnel are strictly prohibited to open various protective covers and protective covers of the machine at will. Because the mechanical or electronic parts of the pattern machine in the cover are all live and may cause danger in operation. Therefore, it must not be disassembled casually during normal use. If there is a problem or malfunction and you need help, please contact professional maintenance personnel to avoid safety accidents.

In addition, when the computer pattern machine is shut down, if many people operate the same machine, the operators need to be vigilant and cultivate a tacit understanding between each other. Before starting the machine, any person needs to check whether the working conditions of other personnel are safe, and at the same time, be careful not to stay on the movable parts of the pattern machine, so as to avoid hand injuries when the parts move. In addition, whencomputerWhen the pattern machine is running, the operator should pay special attention to the gap between the machine plates, the stop position of a needle on the head and the needle stop position at the end of the head. In other words, do not put your hands on the table or frame of the computer pattern machine to avoid pinching your hands when the frame moves; do not thread the thread when the machine is running to avoid accidents.