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How to solve the crash problem of sewing equipment

How to solve the crash problem of sewing equipment

It is understood thatSewing equipmentIn the course of operation, if the operation is improper or the maintenance is improper, the problem of crash will often occur. If it is a computerized sewing machine, the error code will be displayed on the display screen, so that we can repair it according to the manual according to these codes, or seek help from professional maintenance personnel. But if there is a crash in the sewing machine of the mechanical sewing machine, how should we troubleshoot it?


Compared with computerized sewing equipment, when the mechanical sewing machine crashes, it will not be displayed, and people need to check and solve it bit by bit. The specific investigation methods are as follows: One is to check whether the mechanical sewing machine is slipping. If the belt slips, you need to check whether the belt is loose. If it is loose, when we adjust, we only need to tighten the belt to solve the crash problem of the mechanical sewing equipment. The second is to check whether the sewing machine is turning too heavy or whether there is a dead point. Remove the belt, turn the upper pulley and the lower pulley vigorously, and check whether the head and bottom plate rotate slightly and smoothly, and whether there are dead spots. Judging from the feedback from most users, when the mechanical sewing machine has a crash problem, there are dead spots during the inspection process, usually when the machine is rotating. At this time, we must carefully identify the dead spots, and then take corresponding measures to eliminate them. Based on many years of work experience, when we check whether the machine rotation has dead spots, we can focus on checking whether the moving parts are deformed, whether the screws are loose or shifted, or whether there is dust, foreign matter, or lack of oil in the kinematics, which causes the movement to be blocked. In particular, pay attention to check whether there is any debris or other debris in the guide rail of the shuttle frame. Because under normal circumstances, the dead center of mechanical sewing equipment is mainly concentrated in the above-mentioned places. Therefore, when we adjust, we can eliminate dead spots by replacing deformed parts, adjusting positioning loose parts, removing, cleaning, and lubricating parts with foreign objects, so as to solve the crash problem.

When the mechanical sewing machine has a crash problem, we check that the belt is not loose and the machine has no dead center when rotating, we need to check whether the friction plate inside the machine motor clutch is severely worn, whether the clutch stroke is within the normal range, and whether its movement is normal and many more. Then, during adjustment, the crash problem can be solved by replacing the clutch friction plate and return spring of the mechanical sewing equipment motor, and adjusting the clutch stroke.