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How to practice computer bag opener for beginners

How to practice computer bag opener for beginners

For just contactComputer bag opening machineFor people waiting for sewing equipment, it is very difficult to sew a straight line at first, and this is normal. Just like we just touched the computer mouse, it will run around on the display screen differently, and will not reach the position you want to click. However, when we are familiar with it, we can control the mouse well. The same is true for computerized bag openers and other sewing equipment. As long as you master the basic skills, practice makes perfect and you can operate the bag opener well.


Therefore, for beginners of the computerized bag opener, if you want to master the operation method of the machine, you need to find a correct reference point and then go through continuous practice. At the beginning, we can draw some straight lines or curves on a piece of white paper to practice, and the needle of the computer bag opener does not need to be threaded. The main reason for this is that paper is easier to handle than cloth, and it can also avoid fabric slippage or thread knotting problems, which distracts beginners.

So, how should a beginner computer open bag machine practice? What is the practice process? First, let the machine needle face a straight line and let it move forward along the same trajectory. Secondly, when we have mastered how to sew directly on the thread, we can try to deviate the thread from the needle so that they align with the outer edge of the computer bag opener presser foot. At this time, our sight should be on the edge of the presser foot rather than on the needle, and then try to see if the needle and the line can move forward in the same horizontal direction. Again, practice curve and turn sewing. At the turning point, put the needle into the paper first, then raise the presser foot, rotate the paper with the needle as the fulcrum, and then lower the presser foot to continue. When we can sew beautiful lines on paper, there is basically no problem with using a computerized bag opener to practice combat on cloth.