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Precautions for punching shoe uppers with computer bag opener

Computerized bag opening machine punchingPrecautions for shoe uppers

useComputer bag opening machinePerforating the shoe upper is mainly based on the design of the shoe upper template, selecting punches with different apertures and different hole types, and transforming the punches to make them suitable for installation in the corresponding position of the needle of the computer sewing machine. Then install the transformed punch to the needle position of the computerized bag opener and fix it, adjust the stroke, and set the required punch track with the computer program. At the same time, make the positioning template of the upper to be punched, place the upper to be punched on the positioning template and fix it, then start the computer bag opener to complete the punching.In progressWhen punching the shoe upper, we need to pay attention to the following points:


One is because the computerized bag opener has huge advantages in sewing speed and walking trajectory. Therefore, it can better improve work efficiency when carrying out a large number of punching operations with complex shapes, especially for the overall punching of leather sandals and the decorative punching of the surface of women's shoes.

Second, if the gap and spacing are required to be within the adjustable range of ordinary sewing machines, we can also use the same method to use ordinary computer bag openers for simple trajectory punching operations. In addition, you can control the punching distance by installing a distance device, and pay attention to adjustmentComputer bag opening machineThe density of stitch codes controls the punching distance. For example, in the punching operation of the front cover of the shoe.


Third, when making the punch of the computerized bag opener, you need to pay attention to the length of the punch, which should be within the adjustable range of the needle bar. In addition, the total length of the punch should be determined according to the different needle bar strokes of the computerized pattern bag opening machine, so as to ensure that the machine will not be damaged, while shortening the stroke and improving work efficiency.In addition, when designing the positioning template of the punching help piece of the computer bag opener, it is necessary to design according to different shapes of the help piece. At the same time, in order to improve the replacement speed of the help piece, we can design other positioning templates. The general computer pattern bag opening opportunity provides an alternate operation mode of one person and two boards.