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Talking about the technical status of foreign special sewing machines

Talking about the foreign special sewing machineTechnology status

In developed areas abroadSpecial sewing machineIn the field of sewing machinery product development, a large number of programmed control technologies such as light, electricity, gas, and magnetism are used, which makes the varieties of intelligent sewing products more and more, and the degree of automation is getting higher and higher. New materials and new processes , The new technology has been widely used. This is the result of their comprehensive technological development, and it is also a necessity for the highly competitive sewing machine market. Here is a brief introduction to the technical characteristics of several foreign special sewing machines.


A special type of sewing machine is driven by a direct-drive servo motor, stepping motor feeds cloth, needle swing, presser foot lifting, stepping motor or controllable electromagnet for thread trimming, pulse double coil electromagnet for cutting knife, can use split knife operation And the control of cutting knife speed. Some electronic flat-head buttonhole special sewing machines also have an electronic tension control device controlled by a linear electromagnet and an oil-free head design, which basically realizes the visual operation of sewing performance. Its representative products are: Heavy Machinery LBH-1790, Brother HE-800A, Dukepu 540-100, Sunstar SPS/B-BH3000 series, etc. In addition, there are special sewing machines driven by direct-drive servo motors, but these special machines use stepping motors to feed cloth in the X and Y directions and lift the presser foot. Some machines also have electronic tension control devices, sewing thread grabbing devices and oil-free design of the machine head, which basically realizes the visual operation of sewing performance. Representative products of this type of special sewing machine include Brother KE-430D, Heavy Machinery LK-1900A, Dukepu 510 series and so on.

In addition to the above two, there is also a special sewing machine that uses a servo motor to drive the needle bar. It uses a stepping motor to feed the cloth in the X and Y directions, drive the needle bar to rotate, drive the cutter (or the cylinder to drive the cutter, and it has developed into a double Cutter technology), cylinder driven thread trimming, cloth clamping, thread grabbing, cloth stretching, etc. Its representative products include Dukepu 580 and Heavy Machinery MEB3200 series.


The technological development of the electronic special sewing machine overcomes the inherent defects of the original cam control, gear transmission and mechanical control, reduces the noise and vibration of the machine, and has a significant effect in improving efficiency and reducing labor intensity. Therefore, electronic special machines are the mainstream development direction of special sewing machines. Of course, electronic special machines will also have their own faults in their electronic technology, and the faults must be handled by professionals, and the maintenance costs are relatively high. These issues have already been considered and studied by some foreign manufacturers.