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How to adjust the speed of sewing equipment

How to adjust the speed of sewing equipment of sewing machine First loosen the two fastening screws of the thread trimming cam, align the engraved dot on the upper wheel (according to the line) to the engraved dot on the casing, and then push the bobbin brake to the left until Turn the thread trimming cam with your right hand until the bobbin is stopped, so that the lower thread front knife roller enters the curved groove on the thread trimming cam. Continue to rotate the cam in the same direction as the lower shaft rotation direction until it stops. Then tighten the screws in the order of the first and second screws. When the left hand pushes the bobbin brake lever to the right, the second thread tensioning plate will automatically loosen, and the loosening amount is within 0.5~1MM. When the thread is trimmed, if the second thread clamp does not loosen the upper thread, the upper thread is easy to get out of the needle, and if it is loosened all the time, a floating thread will be generated, which is equal to the failure of the thread clamping. When adjusting, increase the amount of loosening , Just loosen nut B, turn nut A and vice versa, just loosen nut A and tighten nut B.
The function and adjustment of the bobbin brake lever The elbow of the bobbin brake lever is equipped with a sliding sleeve, and the small spring inside is now riveted. The brake bobbin is based on the elastic force of the small spring to prevent the bobbin from being cut when the thread is cut. Reversal due to the tension of the thread. If the brake is too tight, the end of the bobbin thread will be cut too short. Because the bobbin is too tight and the bobbin does not rotate at all, the bobbin thread is too short and the thread will fall off. The phenomenon. On the contrary, if the brake is extremely loose, the upper thread will slip off the rod when the thread is trimmed when the upper thread is wound on the bobbin brake lever, and the thread end of the needle will be very short, and the needle will come off. Therefore, adjust it correctly.
Screwing in and out will change the position of the limit block. Adjust until the end of the sliding sleeve sleeved on the brake lever just touches the bobbin and the other end touches the engraved line on the brake lever.