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Correct operation of automated sewing equipment

The industrial sewing machines and computer sewing machines we use now have automatic thread trimming devices, but they must be operated correctly to achieve the desired results. To determine whether the threading of the upper thread is correct, the upper thread passing system has two upper and lower thread clamps. The small thread clamp above is used to adjust the length of the upper thread. If the thread clamp is too loose, the remaining thread It will be too long, too tight and too short and easy to fall off. The adjustment of the bottom thread should not be too loose. If it is too loose, it will cause the phenomenon that the thread cannot be sewn normally after the automatic thread trimming.

Automated sewing equipmentIn the production of garment factories and other sewing enterprises, it can solve the employment problems such as high cost of recruitment and difficult recruitment. The increase in production volume has significantly shortened the production and processing time. An automated sewing equipment works 24 hours a day and can complete 3~ The workload of 5 people a day, but also avoids the difference problem caused by different operations of different personnel, realizes the standardization of the sewing process, thereby saving production costs and improving the economic benefits of the enterprise.

In the normal sewing process, the needle installation is very important. Different types of needles should be selected for different fabrics.

When installing the needle, be sure to set it right, if it is not right, it will cause jumper and wire breakage. In the production of the same batch of products, the use of needles should be unified, and the thickness should not be mixed. Over time, it will cause damage to the rotary hook, cause abnormal thread hooks, and break thread jumpers.

The CNC laser bag opening machine is only one of the automatic sewing equipment. You can look at its data at work. Even if a worker who has not been trained to operate the machine, it can guarantee that the daily bag opening volume is about 2000. There are many automated sewing equipment similar to CNC laser bag opener, such as computerized pattern machine, computerized sewing machine and so on. In different industries, many factories now use automated sewing equipment, and only need to train the operators to operate the interface, know how to select the sewing program according to the requirements, and then operate normally.