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How to adjust the stitch size of a special sewing machine shoe machine

The special sewing machine also has a digital control system, which is a machine that can realize automatic program control. Its storage space is equipped with 15 control programs, and each program corresponds to an adjustable parameter of the machine, such as sewing speed adjustment, stitch length adjustment, bead point size adjustment, bead point positive and negative adjustment, half needle adjustment and many more. High-quality special sewing machines must be equipped with needle side positions. This accessory ensures that the machine is not prone to broken needles and thread breakage when sewing thicker fabrics at high speeds or turning sewing. The use efficiency and investment value of the special sewing machine determine that it is not suitable for multi-variety, small-batch processing tasks. On the contrary, it has advantages that other sewing equipment does not have in mass production in the clothing industry.
There is a button on the front of the sewing machine head. Move it upwards to make the stitches smaller, move it downwards to make the stitches larger. You can move to the right position according to your own situation to get the right stitch.


1. The winding sequence of the upper thread and the placement of the bottom thread core must be correct (there is an icon in the manual), otherwise the sewing machine cannot work normally;

2. When threading the needle, the threading direction must be correct (from front to back), otherwise normal sewing cannot be performed;

3. Do not use the foot pedal switch and the power button at the same time;

4. Please take out the battery when using the transformer.

Special sewing machinePrecautions:

1. The power button and foot pedal cannot be used at the same time;

2. The rectifier and the dry battery cannot be used at the same time, and simultaneous use will cause damage to the machine;

3. When the battery's positive and negative poles are wrong, it will cause the machine to reverse, and it will not be possible to sew when the machine reverses;

4. Reversing the machine continuously for a long time will damage the machine;

5. The machine cannot be used with cloth with too hard and too thick texture;

6. Please use 4 6V1.0A or AA batteries for the rectifier.