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How to adjust the pattern on the computer pattern machine

How to adjust the pattern on the computer pattern machine
The first step: press and hold "input selection", and turn on at the same time, until the English subtitles appear on the screen, let go;

Step 2: Press the "Drop Feed" key, and then use the up, down, left, and right direction keys to move the needle to the starting point, and press the "Execute End" key;

Step 3: Press the "Normal sewing" key, and "P=?" (P is the pointer distance) will appear at this time. Press the number keys to set the stitch length;

Step 4: Press the "up, down, left, and right" direction keys to walk according to the pattern you gave (the straight line has two end points, the more the curve end points are, the more accurate), until the pattern is finished, press the "execute end" button;

Step 5: After pressing "Trimming", if you save the pattern and press "Write", "NO=?" (referring to the pattern number) appears at this time, you can select the number to set the pattern number, and then press "End of execution" The key has completed a pattern making.

1. Start operation from the standard screen

2. Press the menu key, then press the pattern key

3. The manpower screen for data setting will be displayed. Just press the black patterned B (B: data generally used for the data). The number keys 1-9 on the right are for adjusting the stitch distance, enter the stitch you want Distance can be.

4. H: high speed MID1: medium high speed MID2: medium low speed L low speed can be selected according to your needs.

6. After the above input is completed, the manpower screen of the moving key will be displayed ps: the sewing data of the manpower example map is required.

7. When this screen is displayed, the function is FEED (empty delivery)

8. You can select the starting point of the pattern you want to make by using the direction movement key on the right. (If you need to make a curve version in PS, you need to choose curve making). The linear sewing data from point B has been produced)

9. Then you can press the MENU button, then press RET END to return to the original point and complete the pattern. (The external presser foot will automatically return to the original position, so please pay attention to the stop position of the needle.) The difference between Zuqi and Mitsubishi is that Zuqi's version is a button, and you can’t see the version. Mitsubishi models are LCD You can see the pattern-making stitches. Relatively speaking, the Mitsubishi model is more convenient, but the price is relatively higher.