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What are the characteristics of computer pattern sewing machine

For the pattern sewing machine, we first check whether the needle is installed correctly, and it is best to replace it with a new needle.

2. If it still doesn't work, let's open the needle plate, turn the needle to the lowest position, and check that the tip of the hook is about 8mm away from the needle. If it is, then raise the needle by about 2.3mm, and then see if the tip of the hook coincides with the center of the needle. At this time, the needle and the tip of the hook cannot be too tight, there should be a gap of 0.1.

3. Sometimes the needle is a little bend and the needle will skip. The easiest way is to try another needle. If it doesn't work, you can install the needle a little bit and try it, only a little bit, or it will. Disconnect, sometimes this simple operation is also very effective.

4. The needle is also related to the thickness of the thing you sew. If the needle is thick, the needle should be thicker. If the needle is thin, the needle will skip. If the needle is thin, the needle will also skip.

5. It is because the machine needs to be maintained. Clean the tooth plate on the machine and the place where the shuttle is placed underneath, and then put some oil.

1 Make the stitch distance disc jump the least, check whether the reverse stitching handle is approximately in the middle height (except for computer sewing machines), move the reverse stitching handle up and down by hand, and how to not move, prove that there is no reverse stitching drive fork and the handle connecting slider Break away. , If disengaged: open the back cover of the sewing machine, and reset the handle connecting slider to the stitch length reverse stitch driving fork

2 The stitch length of a common sewing machine is generally between 0 and 5, which is the maximum 5 mm. If it is too much, the feed dog and the needle plate will be interlocked and the reverse stitching handle will jump up and down during the sewing process. Adjust the gauge disc down, loosen the middle screw of the gauge disc, and turn the tightening screw counterclockwise to the gauge disc.

3 If the teeth are too high or too low, the stitch length will be small, adjust the tooth height between 06~1.5 mm

4 Synchronously dislocation, open the back cover, loosen the two fastening screws of the eccentric wheel, increase the stitch length dial, turn the handwheel (counterclockwise), turn to the needle point and the needle plate horizontal line, do not change at this time Position, and then turn the needle pitch eccentric wheel (the direction is the same as above) so that the feed dog, the tooth tip, the needle plate and the needle tip are on the same level to tighten the needle pitch eccentric wheel screw

5 tooth wear