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The computerized sewing machine relies on the interlacing between the needle and the shuttle to form one or more stitches on the sewing material

Pattern-making basically refers to making an advanced product for reference, but in fact, there are many kinds of boards, so it's like making patterns when it comes to pattern-making.

Pattern-making is to make patterns. Nowadays, computer grading is generally used to make patterns, that is, after the boardroom master makes a pattern based on the preliminary order, it is graded by the computer's proprietary software program.

First of all, the board we made from the design drawing provided by the customer is called the first board. When making the first plan, the planner generally pays attention to the appearance, because if any product wants to get the first favor of customers, it is its appearance.

Computerized sewing machineIt is a machine that uses two threads (bottom thread and upper thread) to form one or more stitches on the sewing material by interlacing between the needle and the shuttle, so that one or more layers of sewing material are interwoven or stitched together .

Computer sewing machine maintenance

Careful cleaning and cleaning to ensure that the parts of the computer car are clean is the basis for ensuring the assembly quality and prolonging the service life of the computer car. Especially the shaft sleeves, bearings, oil pumps, and parts containing rotating and swinging fittings should be carefully cleaned.

If it is not clean when assembling various shaft parts, it will cause the shaft sleeve to heat up too high and the transmission torque to be too heavy. In severe cases, it will accelerate wear due to debris and cause serious failures such as"occluding", affecting the overall machine performance.

All computer car parts that have undergone surface baking, electroplating and other surface treatments have adhesive layers on their assembly joint surfaces (including holes, grooves, planes and screw holes). Therefore, such parts must be Process technology requirements, first finish machining, then assembly and deployment

If the assembly does not meet the specified technical requirements, the computer car will not work properly. The incorrect mutual position between components and mechanisms also affects the performance of the computer car.

The computer car is assembled for the first time or after a major repair, which has a great impact on the performance of the equipment. Computer cars with poor assembly quality have low accuracy, poor performance, loud noise, heavy torque, and short life. On the contrary, some parts with low accuracy can still be assembled with performance after careful selection and assembly and precise adjustment. Better equipment.