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Electronic button nailing machine

Electronic button nailing machine

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Big white button machine, computer button sewing machine, servo button sewing machine, button machine, big white button, KN mask punching, KN95 mask valve, 818 computer button punching machine, hardware button punching machine, punching machine, punching machine, The punching machine can punch holes as long as the mold is changed, and can punch hardware buttons. It can be used in a wide range of applications. It can be widely used in garment factories and handbag factories, denim garment factories and luggage processing enterprises. Suitable for all kinds of garments, knitted garments, down jackets, denim garments, shoes, hats and leather, plastic and canvas products with various metal snap buttons, eyelet buttons, craft buttons, jeans buttons and rivets, springs, snap buttons, Shoes rivets, etc. For a variety of buttons and different thicknesses of clothing and wrapping materials, as long as you adjust the mold and slightly adjust the stroke, you can obtain the quality standard for binding you require. In addition, it adopts double insurance safety device, easy to use and maintain, stable performance, and can be equipped with various special molds according to customer requirements, suitable for: handbags, clothing, luggage, leather goods, gloves, shoes, hats, clothing wallets , Watch straps, belts, sofas, seat belts, trademark leather tags, golf sporting goods, etc.