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Precautions for the use of computerized sewing machine

Before using the computer sewing machine, please clean the computer sewing machine. Clean the dust accumulated during transportation. Make sure that the set voltage is correct and the power plug is correctly inserted. In addition, when the power supply specifications are different, please Do not press the red power switch to start the computer sewing machine to let it work. To prevent the computer box from burning up and reporting fees.

The computerized sewing machine uses two threads (bottom thread and upper thread), which are interlaced between the needle and the shuttle to form one or more stitches on the sewing material, so that one or more layers of sewing material are interwoven or stitched. Up the machine. The computerized sewing machine can sew other products such as fabrics and plastics, paper, handbags, magic placards, leather, textiles, leather goods, bags, shoes, belts, watch bands, golf sports and recreational equipment, and the stitches are neat and beautiful. Smooth and firm, fast sewing speed, easy to use. At the same time, it can improve the corporate image status, such as customers need to inspect the factory, inspect the factory's management level, production capacity, equipment status, etc. Nowadays, the main decoration customers of many product brands have specified the use of sewing thread and patterns. So owning a computerized sewing machine is also one of the corporate image.Computerized sewing machinePay attention to the following points during operation:

1.In order to prevent personal accidents, please do not put your fingers near the needle when the power is turned on and the computer car is running.

2.In order to prevent personal accidents being involved in the machine, do not put fingers, hair, clothes close to the pulley, V-belt, motor, and do not put things on the machine during the operation of the computer car.

3.In order to prevent personal accidents, please do not put your fingers in the outer cover of the thread take-up lever while the computerized sewing machine is running.

4. In order to prevent personal accidents, please do not run the computer sewing machine with safety devices such as belt guards and finger guards removed.

5.In order to prevent accidents caused by sudden start, please turn off the power when turning down the sewing machine, or when removing the belt cover and V-belt.

6. In order to prevent personal accidents, be careful not to pinch your hands when putting down the sewing machine or returning to the original position.

7.Please do not wipe the surface of the machine head with paint thinner.

8. During the operation of the computerized sewing machine, the rotary hook rotates at a high speed. In order to prevent your hands from being injured, please do not approach the rotary hook during operation.

9.When there is no needle car oil in the oil tank, never run the computer needle car.