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How to repair the pattern sewing machine without cutting the thread

Computer pattern machine head installation

1. Install the base on the machine with two hex screws and washers.

2. Put two rubber pads between the machine and the table, and fix the base on the machine with two hexagonal screws. In addition, check whether the machine base is placed horizontally on the table (if it is not horizontal, the wheel cover may hit the machine).

3. Put the machine head on the table and use the holes of the presser foot chain to adjust the front and back direction. Use the belt groove to adjust the horizontal direction; use the screws to fix the gasket between the base and the bottom of the pulley cover. .

4. Place the platen so that the machine head is level, and the lubricating oil between the machines cannot flow out normally.

5. Connect the pedal chain with the knee lifter and the pedal.

When using a high-speed computerized lockstitch sewing machine, sometimes the thread does not cut. For this problem, we can take the following methods to troubleshoot and repair.

First of all, we judge whether the thread trimming signal is issued (it is recommended to remove the needle board, do not thread the thread, and see whether the moving knife is working or not). If there is no trimming signal, check whether the wiring plug is loose and whether there is a problem with the control box. Exclude one by one.

Secondly, in the shutdown state, we put the thread on the moving knife and push the knife by hand to see if the thread can be cut. If the cutting is constant, it may be caused by the movable knife, the fixed knife is not sharp enough, the bite gap is large, etc. The troubleshooting method is to adjust according to the correct method, or repair and replace the movable knife.

Again, the moving knife position is not in place, we can re-adjust the moving knife stroke and initial position of the lockstitch sewing machine as required.

Finally, the thread trimming cam time is wrong, we readjust the moving knife thread trimming time as required.