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Garment bag opening machine processes trouser bags extremely accurately

General industrial sewing machines mainly include: industrial sewing machines;

Household sewing machine;

Service industry sewing machines;

Overlock machine

Chain sewing machine, interlock sewing machine.

1. Industrial lockstitch sewing machines include: ordinary lockstitch sewing machines, medium and high speed lockstitch sewing machines, high-speed lockstitch sewing machines, semi-automatic lockstitch sewing machines, and automatic lockstitch sewing machines.

2. Overlock sewing machines include: two-thread overlock sewing machine, three-thread overlock sewing machine, four-thread overlock sewing machine, and five-thread overlock sewing machine.

Special sewing machine

Special sewing machines mainly include: buttonhole machines;

Tacking machine

Button sewing machine

Blind stitch machine

Double needle machine

Automatic bag opening machine

Garment bag opening machine745-34S high-speed bag opening: extremely precise processing of trouser pockets

The new 745-34S bag opening machine has a very high cost performance. The stepping motor technology used in this model is used to control the seam length and corner knife action, thus ensuring the accuracy of bag opening. This model is specially used for processing straight belts with double welts, flaps and single welts.

The 745-34S bag opener is equipped with fixed saving rods and bag cloth clamps; grabbing rewinding racks can be conveniently and neatly rewinding; 9 preset seam lengths can be selected through the control panel. This model is economical and practical, with extremely low maintenance rate and high efficiency.

Output: 1,600-2,400 pockets / 8 hours (depending on the specific operation).

The computerized bag opening machine is composed of sewing head, control panel, main servo motor and other parts. The detailed components can be consulted in the machine operation manual. The design concept of this machine is to extract any worker who can understand the machine control panel. Work on this machine to realize rapid industrial production. Let’s talk about its control and display part. The control panel is used to select different mechanical functions, procedures and parameters. It also allows users to input new procedures and parameters as required, and may recognize and run normally.

Keep in mind the program emergency stop button (STOP button) in the lower right corner of the control panel. After pressing it, all running and sewing work will stop immediately, which greatly guarantees the handling of emergencies and safety maintenance during use. In emergency situations and daily cleaning, be sure to use the power/emergency stop switch to cut off the power to the machine.