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Analysis of advantages of laser bag opener

Analysis of advantages of laser bag opener

1. "Fool-style" operation, revolutionary reduces the technical difficulty of the digging process, and fundamentally solves the dependence on skilled workers;

2. The daily output is 600-700 pieces, which doubles the output;

3. A series of irregular pockets such as single-tooth straight pockets, double-tooth straight pockets, triangle pockets, zipper pockets, plus pockets, one-word diagonal pockets, etc.

4. Eliminate the auxiliary workers and procedures of cutting scissors and painting powder, saving labor, time, effort and money;

5. Laser cutting, no burrs, no thread opening, no hair removal after washing;

6. CNC cutting, the angle is in place, the position is accurate, the size is uniform with zero error, and it helps the garment factory to comprehensively improve the quality of workmanship and catch up with international standards;

7. Single eyebrows, double eyebrows, zipper pockets and other single-shaped pockets, universal molds can be customized to save mold costs;

8. Applicable to clothing enterprises such as cotton clothes, down jackets, jackets, waistcoats, suits, trousers, slacks, jeans, tooling, etc.;

9. Suitable for knitting, woven, thick and thin fabrics;

10. Accept private order, specialize in "difficult and miscellaneous pockets", if there are "pockets" you speak, the laser bag opening machine will find a way for you! !
Supplement: The laser device will generate heat when it is running, and it needs to be equipped with a laser chiller for cooling.

It is automatic, simple and quick to operate, and the fixture can be adjusted larger or smaller, which is very convenient. The advantages over traditional machines are:

Laser computer numerical control bag opening machine: five advantages, 1. Eliminate skilled workers 2. Output is three times the ordinary 3. Eliminate scissors, paint powder 4. No burrs after laser cutting, not easy to burst after washing 5. CNC cutting size The size is one, the upgraded version is smaller, and the Dahao integrated system is as solid as a rock. Welcome everyone to consult and order.

If you want to know more, please consult our company. You can ask the person in charge of our company for the video of the car and goods. It is clear at a glance. It is now popular in the market and has a wide range of uses. It is widely used in garment factories, luggage factories, leather goods factories, etc., with high efficiency , Labor-saving, high efficiency, precision and stability have been recognized and praised by customers.