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The marking device for the computer bag opener adopts high-quality glass cylindrical mirror

The marking device for the computer bag opener adopts a high-quality glass cylindrical mirror to make the emission red line clear, bright and collimated; the light outlet with glass windows can effectively prevent dust, fog, and easy to clean and wipe.

General sewing machine

General industrial sewing machines mainly include: industrial lockstitch sewing machines; household sewing machines; service industry sewing machines; overlock sewing machines; chain sewing machines and interlock sewing machines. 1. Industrial lockstitch sewing machines include: ordinary lockstitch sewing machines, medium and high speed lockstitch sewing machines, high-speed lockstitch sewing machines, semi-automatic lockstitch sewing machines, and automatic lockstitch sewing machines. 2. Overlock sewing machines include: two-thread overlock sewing machine, three-thread overlock sewing machine, four-thread overlock sewing machine, and five-thread overlock sewing machine.

Special sewing machine

Special sewing machines mainly include: buttonhole machine; bar tacking machine; button sewing machine; blind stitch machine; double needle machine; automatic bag opening machine, etc.
1. Buttonholing machines can be divided into: flat buttonholing machines and round buttonholing machines. The flat buttonholing machines can be divided into ordinary flat buttonholing machines, medium and high speed flat buttonholing machines, high-speed flat buttonholing machines, automatic continuous Flat head buttonholing machine; round head buttonholing machine can be divided into ordinary round head buttonholing machine, medium and high speed round head buttonholing machine, high speed round head buttonholing machine, automatic continuous round head buttonholing machine.
2. The tacking machine can be divided into: CEI-1 type tacking machine; CEI-2 type tacking machine.
3. The button sewing machine class is divided into: high-speed flat-stitch button sewing machine; no thread button sewing machine; automatic button feeding button sewing machine.

Sewing machine for decoration

Sewing machines for decoration mainly include: computerized embroidery machines; zigzag sewing machines; crescent machines; lace machines, etc.

Advantages of the marking device for computer bag opener:

1. The traces left by traditional laser search are difficult to remove; the laser has no traces, and there will be no traces when the power is turned on.

2. The traditional search process is cumbersome; the laser is easy to use, just power on.

3. The traditional search is fuzzy and inaccurate, and the loss is serious in the production process; the laser effect is clear and accurate.

4. The traditional search production process is backward, time-consuming, and labor cost is high; the laser search process is advanced, saving costs.

5. Other features of laser search: easy installation (if equipped with the universal rotating bracket produced by our factory, it will be easier to use); easy to disassemble.

The advantages of the marking device accessories for the computer bag opener are dedicated power supply: it has strong resistance, high stability, surge current suppression and slow start, etc., especially suitable for harsh working environments.

6. Special bracket: With good thermal conductivity and flexibility, laser laser products can be installed on any vertical or horizontal plane, and can be fine-tuned in three-dimensional space.