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Main features of industrial sewing machines

The main features of industrial sewing machines are: ① Strong specificity. Most industrial sewing machines are specially designed for a specific workpiece, or even a specific sewing process. ②High production efficiency. According to different uses and sewing materials, 1,000 to 10,000 stitches can be sewn per minute. ③Good sewing quality. The stitches and seams sewn are firm and uniform.

There are more than 3000 varieties of industrial sewing machines. According to the formed stitches, there are mainly 5 types of lockstitch sewing machines, single-thread chain stitch sewing machines, multi-thread chain stitch sewing machines, hemming chain stitch sewing machines and covering chain stitch sewing machines. On the basis of the above, according to the purpose, the size of the processed part, the characteristics and thickness of the sewing material, the seam form, etc., it can be divided into various special categories, mainly including lockstitch sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, interlock sewing machines, lock buttons Hole sewing machine, button sewing machine, bag sewing machine, leather product sewing machine, blind stitch sewing machine, reinforcement stitch sewing machine, and various industrial sewing machines for special purposes derived therefrom.

Lockstitch sewing machine

The most widely used industrial sewing machine. It is mainly composed of barbed cloth mechanism, thread hook mechanism, thread take-up mechanism and feeding mechanism. The sewing speed can exceed 6000 stitches per minute. The lock stitch it sews is the strongest among all kinds of stitches. Even if the thread in the middle of the seam is broken, the seam will not spread out, but it has no elasticity. Generally suitable for sewing materials that do not require stretching, such as braid, artificial leather, leather, etc.

Single thread and multi thread chain stitch sewing machine

Another widely used industrial sewing machine. The machine head is composed of a cloth stabbing mechanism, a hook and shuttle mechanism, a thread take-up mechanism, and a feeding (differential or non-differential) mechanism. The sewing speed can reach 7000 stitches per minute. The chain stitches it sews are full of elasticity, which can expand as the sewing material is stretched and shrink when the sewing material recovers. It is especially suitable for sewing knitted garments that need to be expanded and restored during wearing. If the stitch is pulled in the reverse direction of the stitch forming process, the stitch can be untied more easily. Therefore, it can be sewn and the loading bag sealing that needs to be unsealed after sewing.

Hemming chain stitch sewing machine

Also known as overlock sewing machine. The machine head is composed of an oblique pricking cloth mechanism, a hook shuttle (thread hook) mechanism, a needle bar and a swing rod thread take-up mechanism, and a feeding (differential or non-differential) mechanism. The sewing speed can reach 10,000 stitches per minute. The stitches it sews consist of 1 to 4 stitches, at least one of which is wrapped around the edge of the sewing material, usually a three-thread overlock sewing machine. It is mainly used to wrap the edges of reinforced sewing materials, or to wrap the reinforced edges while sewing several layers of sewing materials. Generally, a cutting knife is also equipped to cut the edge of the material while sewing. Because the stitch has greater elasticity, in addition to the edging of knitted materials, it is also used for sewing and edging of knitted underwear that needs expansion and restoration.