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How to adjust and trim the automatic sewing equipment

One: Check whether the small thread clamp of the automatic sewing machine is under too much pressure. The small thread clamp controls the length of the thread. If the pressure is too high, the thread will be too short. When sewing for the second time, the thread will come from the needle hole of the sewing machine. Prolapse.

two:Automated sewing equipmentWhen the thread trimmer electromagnet is working, be sure to check whether the large thread clamp bounces off. If it does not pop open, push the large thread clamp in the sewing machine inward a bit.

3: Pay attention to check whether the position of the sewing machine thread trimming cam is correct.

4: Check whether the hand wheel of the sewing machine is installed correctly.

Five: Pay attention to whether the thread stopper of the sewing machine is under excessive pressure.

Six: Pay attention to whether the thread reel and thread guide of the automatic sewing machine are vertical. If the angle of the thread reel and the thread guide is too large, the thread resistance will be too large, and the thread will be too short when cutting the thread.

The industrial sewing machines and computer sewing machines we use now have automatic thread trimming devices, but they must be operated correctly to achieve the desired results. To determine whether the threading of the upper thread is correct, the upper thread passing system has two upper and lower thread clamps, the function of which is to adjust the length of the upper thread.

If the thread clamp is too loose, the remaining thread will be too long, and too tight will be too short and easy to slip off. The adjustment of the bottom thread should not be too loose. If it is too loose, it will cause normal sewing after the automatic thread trimming is completed. phenomenon.

When the thread is automatically trimmed after sewing, it should be well matched with the knee-controlled pressure angle, and the pressure angle should not be raised too fast. Too fast may cause incomplete thread breakage and needle breakage.

In the normal sewing process, the needle installation is very important. Different types of needles should be selected for different fabrics.

When installing the needle, be sure to set it right, if it is not right, it will cause jumper and wire breakage. In the production of the same batch of products, the use of needles should be unified, and the thickness should not be mixed. Over time, it will cause damage to the rotary hook, cause abnormal thread hooks, and break thread jumpers.

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