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Computerized sewing machine

Computerized sewing machine

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Computerized sewing machineIt is a more important set of automation equipment under the trend of the development of sewing equipment in the direction of multi-function, automation, light and small size. Especially when there are more than 5,000 kinds of sewing machines today, it can still occupy the main market share of industrial sewing equipment sales. The advantage in many sewing equipment applications lies in the wide range of applications, whether it is fabric, leather, plastic, or paper.

The computerized sewing machine has a standard for the front and rear distance of the needle bar rocking frame. If the machine always appears broken or threaded during sewing, the first step is to see if the distance of the rocking frame is 14mm. Nearby; excessive pressure on the thread stopper often causes thread breakage; too tight bobbin skin on the bobbin case can also cause thread breakage; sewn material stagnation causes the line to be pulled off directly. It’s always bad if the thread breakage affects the efficiency when using the computerized sewing machine project. The usual inspection and maintenance work must be done.

After using the computerized sewing machine, it is necessary to perform maintenance. When performing inspection and repair operations, be sure to turn off the power first. The various parts of the sewing machine should be added in time, the worn parts should be replaced when they are replaced, the parameter adjustment should be restored, and some parts with burrs should also be dealt with. In short, all the preparatory work is to improve production efficiency.