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Computer bag opening machine

Computer bag opening machine

Product Details

The general principle of the computerized bag opening machine is to use the precise control performance of the stepping motor to control the length of the seam and the action of the corner knife, so as to ensure the accuracy of the bag opening and complete the automatic control of the bag opening work. It should be used in the sewing industry such as clothing and shoes to improve the production efficiency of the sewing industry and increase the production value. It can be regarded as a practical, multi-purpose, high-volume automation equipment. Good equipment pays attention to two points in the finished product. , To ensure that no burrs and no bursts are the basic requirements. Some computerized bag opening machines are also equipped with fixed saving rods and bag cloth fixtures for customers to choose. With the grabbing type receiving rack, the finished products can be collected more conveniently and neatly, and a production process is optimized.

The computerized bag opening machine is composed of sewing head, control panel, main servo motor and other parts. The detailed components can be consulted in the machine operation manual. The design concept of this machine is to extract any worker who can understand the machine control panel. Work on this machine to realize rapid industrial production. Let’s talk about its control and display part. The control panel is used to select different mechanical functions, procedures and parameters. It also allows users to input new procedures and parameters as required, and may recognize and run normally.

Keep in mind the program emergency stop button (STOP button) in the lower right corner of the control panel. After pressing it, all running and sewing work will stop immediately, which greatly guarantees the handling of emergencies and safety maintenance during use. In emergency situations and daily cleaning, be sure to use the power/emergency stop switch to cut off the power to the machine.