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Laser bag opening machine

Laser bag opening machine

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Because workers need to mark the position of the bag first when opening the bag manually, an additional process will affect the production efficiency. However, the laser bag opening machine can freely adjust the infrared positioning function, and can accurately determine the position to open the bag, saving a lot of working time after a day of work, and throughLaser bag opening machineThe bag can be made cleaner and the opening of the bag more standardized, which improves the overall production efficiency.

The use of manual bag cutting will result in irregular cutting and different bag lengths according to different people and different methods. If workers do not pay attention to the operation, it is easy to cut off this piece of cloth, and the manual cutting of the bag is prone to burrs and drawing, which makes the bag easier to wear, and the rate of damage is very high during the entire production process. The laser bag opening machine is uniformly set by an industrial computer, and the set bag opening length is error-free, the laser cutting length is the same, and the bag opening is neat and beautiful without burrs.

Laser bag opening machine can reduce the cost of enterprises. In modern society, people have higher and higher product quality requirements. It is difficult to recruit workers who are skilled in opening the bag. If you train yourself, you will not be able to master this skill proficiently without 2-3 years. But for the laser bag opener, even newcomers who have never done packaging can quickly master this technology, as long as the bag is placed neatly, the openings cut by the laser bag opener are all standard, and the bag opening speed is better than physical strength. Workers are 3-5 times faster, which can greatly increase production.