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Garment bag opening machine

Garment bag opening machine

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Garment bag opening machine is a more complicated mechatronic sewing machine developed on the basis of general sewing machine. It is also called automatic bag opening machine or laser bag opening machine. The existing garment bag opening machine is mainly used for garment pockets, especially for the processing of suits and trousers. Under electromechanical control, various operations such as up and down needle stop, reverse stitching, thread trimming and threading are completed under electromechanical control. The work quality is better than the conventional manual sewing method.

Like all mechatronics equipment, the garment bag opening machine is mainly composed of a control system part, a sewing part, a feeding drive device and a frame part. The electromechanical control system is the most core part of it. The user can also add the folding device function and automatic packaging function according to the demand.

The automatic bag opening process of the garment bag opening machine is only an important part of sewing garments, and it is often combined with other industrial sewing equipment to complete the automated production of the entire garment. For the bag opener, the shuttle bed is generally the most prone to failure. It is also the core component of the automatic sewing machine. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently remove the dirt and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.