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Pattern sewing machine

Pattern sewing machine

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Pattern sewing machineThere is a running-in period during use. It is not the best time to use a newly-purchased machine. Generally, after a running-in period of one to three months, the various parts of the pattern sewing machine can be adapted to achieve maximum work efficiency. , Pay attention to the cleaning work and regular maintenance.

The pattern sewing machine should be lubricated with oil in some important places before use, and the amount of oil should not be too much, just a few drops to achieve the lubricating effect, too much lubricating oil will not be beautiful when it splashes on the clothing. Lubricating oil acts like human blood for automated equipment, and is the basic guarantee for the normal operation of pattern sewing machines.

The preparation work before starting the pattern sewing machine should not be underestimated. First check the main parts, the lightness of the pedals, whether there are special sounds, whether the needles are normal, etc. In order to rush the construction period, forcibly use the machine to damage the machine or cause production damage; after a day of work, the user must carefully insert the needle into the pinhole plate, raise the presser foot, and finally lower the machine cover to cover the machine head to prevent dust And cloth scraps; after the machine has been used for a period of time, it should be repaired and maintained, and the parts that are worn out should be replaced in time.