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Computer pattern machine

Computer pattern machine

Product Details

The computerized pattern machine is a very useful product in industrial sewing equipment, mainly used in factories for large quantities of tailoring leather bags, clothing, luggage, shoes, etc. However, some users are not good at looking up product manuals after buying them. After installing the machine, they can only apply some of the functions based on experience. If you can simplify the steps of using the computer pattern machine, you can better play the role of the computer pattern machine.

If the computer pattern machine is improperly operated, there will be problems such as displacement, disconnection, cable blockage, and jumper. Such things often happen and slow down the overall production efficiency. If you find such a problem in the early stage, you can troubleshoot the cause by yourself, and first analyze whether it is caused by improper operation or the failure of the machine itself, which is very important for the next step. Problems caused by improper operation can be confirmed by adjusting the position of the rotary hook, moving the feeding bracket to the machine hole, checking the needle hole and the burr of the needle plate hole, etc.; if the machine itself fails, please report for repair immediately. Avoid secondary damage to the machine or personal injury. In view of the above problems, in fact, before using the computer pattern machine, we must do a good job of warranty and maintenance, and troubleshoot the machine in time

The computerized pattern machine sewing industry is related to pattern templates. Compiling various complex patterns to achieve batch process production can better reflect the advantages of computerized pattern machines different from traditional manual sewing operations.