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Special sewing machine

Special sewing machine

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Special sewing machineIt is the abbreviation of the special service industry sewing machine. It is well known that the sewing machine is divided into household and industrial sewing machines according to the purpose of the sewing machine. The common name of sewing machine.

The special sewing machine also has a digital control system, which is a machine that can realize automatic program control. Its storage space is equipped with 15 control programs, and each program corresponds to an adjustable parameter of the machine, such as sewing speed adjustment, stitch length adjustment, bead point size adjustment, bead point positive and negative adjustment, half needle adjustment and many more. High-quality special sewing machines must be equipped with needle side positions. This accessory ensures that the machine is not prone to broken needles and thread breakage when sewing thicker fabrics at high speeds or turning sewing. The use efficiency and investment value of the special sewing machine determine that it is not suitable for multi-variety, small-batch processing tasks. On the contrary, it has advantages that other sewing equipment does not have in mass production in the clothing industry.

Powerful manufacturers can research, design, and modify special industrial sewing machines according to customer requirements to avoid certain functions of general sewing equipment that customers cannot use, resulting in excess quality and unfavorable cost-effective choices for customers.